High Strength Wear Resistant Castable

High Strength Wear Resistant Castable

High Strength Wear Resistant Castable supplier

High strength wear resistant castable is composed of high-strength aggregate and powder mineral additives. Designed by optimized formula, it has a minimum wear-resisting loss, high strength, arbitrary controllable shape, strong integrity, simple construction, and good construction performance. The addition of polymer, makes its base concrete bonded firmly.
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Characteristics Of High-Strength Wear-Resistant Castables

High strength wear-resistant castable is a kind of cement-based composite one-component dry mortar, which is prepared by industrialized production of high-strength cement, mineral admixture, high-strength aggregate, and anti-cracking and wear-resistant agent.
High strength wear-resistant castable can be used by adding water and mixing on site, and the construction and ease are good. It forms a certain thickness of an anti-abrasion layer on the surface of the silo or ore trough through manual plastering and can meet the technical requirements after normal maintenance.
It has the characteristics of high abrasion resistance, high bonding strength with base concrete (steel silo), strong impact resistance, high compressive strength, good durability, and long service life.
High-strength wear-resistant castable is specially used in the anti-wear layer of the lining of slag ditches, ore chutes, coal discharge chutes, hoppers, and silos in metallurgical, coal, thermal power, chemical, and cement industries, and the anti-wear layer of floodgate and discharge hopper in water conservancy and hydropower, port and dock projects, which plays the role of protecting the foundation concrete (or steel silo).

Scope Of Use

1. Coal unloading ditch, coal hopper, coal storage silo, dry coal fence, overturning machine, slagging machine, water treatment, etc. in the power generation industry.
2. Chemical industry’s anti-corrosion ground, pump foundation, etc.
3. Coal industry’s gangue bin, media barrel, scraper, bucket elevator, chute, sieve funnel, etc. wear-resistant lining plate.
4. Blast furnace mixing bin, sintering bin, feeder, ball-making machine, etc. in the steel industry.

Product Features

1 . High strength, high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, scouring resistance, and oil penetration resistance.
2 . Good flame retardancy, low water absorption, and resistance to high and low temperatures.
3 . Good durability, and long service life.
4 . Simple construction, fast operation, easy to master
5 . Good integrity, easy to repair, not easy to fall off.
6 . Non-toxic, tasteless, green, no physical damage to the operator.

Technical Performance

Compressive strength: ≥ 60 MPa
Abrasion: ≤ 0.1 Kg/m 2
Modulus of elasticity: MPa≥ 4.0 × 10 4
Temperature resistance: ≤ 500℃
Friction coefficient: ≤ 0.15
Construction temperature: ≥ 5℃
Bulk weight: 2200~2400 Kg/m 3

Benefits of High Strength Wear Resistant Castable

The utilization of High Strength Wear Resistant Castable offers numerous advantages, making it a preferred choice in various industries. Let’s explore some of its key benefits:

Durability: High Strength Wear Resistant Castable exhibits exceptional durability, with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, and abrasive environments. This longevity ensures extended service life for structures and equipment, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.

High Strength: As the name suggests, High Strength Wear Resistant Castable possesses remarkable compressive strength and tensile strength. This strength allows it to withstand heavy loads and resist cracking or structural failures, even in challenging conditions.

Wear Resistance: One of the standout features of High Strength Wear Resistant Castable is its excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. It can withstand the erosive effects of abrasive materials, ensuring prolonged performance in industries where material flow and friction are prevalent.

Thermal Stability: High Strength Wear Resistant Castable demonstrates exceptional thermal stability, enabling it to withstand rapid temperature changes and thermal cycling without losing its structural integrity. This property is vital in industries that involve high-temperature processes and thermal shocks.

Chemical Resistance: Another notable advantage of High Strength Wear Resistant Castable is its resistance to chemical attack. It can withstand exposure to various corrosive substances, including acids, alkalis, and molten metals, making it suitable for applications in industries where chemical reactions occur.

Ease of Installation: High Strength Wear Resistant Castable offers ease of installation and can be molded into complex shapes to meet specific design requirements. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into existing structures and equipment, minimizing downtime during installation.


High Strength Wear Resistant Castable is a game-changer in the field of construction materials. Its exceptional durability, high strength, wear resistance, thermal stability, and chemical resistance make it an ideal choice for industries that demand robust and reliable solutions.
Whether it’s lining furnaces in the steel industry or protecting components in petrochemical plants, High Strength Wear Resistant Castable offers unparalleled performance, extending the lifespan of structures and equipment.

By understanding the composition, applications, and benefits of High Strength Wear Resistant Castable, engineers and architects can make informed decisions and leverage its remarkable properties to create safer, more efficient, and long-lasting structures.

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