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PER high alumina bricks factory offers high alumina bricks with different aluminum content as well as customized products with physical and chemical specifications that meet your needs. We ensure the best quality while keeping our sales prices as low as possible. We believe in honesty and integrity as your most trusted manufacturer and reliable partner.
Over the years, we have supplied standard refractory firebricks and shaped refractory bricks to various industries and companies. Our service philosophy is to provide fast, high-quality results for all of our customers.
Our products are subjected to stringent quality tests to ensure excellent performance over time.
PER Refractory, is a professional refractory bricks (high alumina bricks) manufacturer in China. We can offer you a lower price than the market. Contact us now to get the latest price list of high alumina fire bricks.

Common Grade Classification Of High Alumina Bricks

High alumina refractory bricks is a common refractory material whose main component is aluminum trioxide (Al2O3 ). However, when the content of high alumina brick is higher than 90%, it becomes corundum brick.

Common High Alumina Bricks

High alumina brick is mainly divided into common high alumina brick and modified high alumina brick. Ordinary high alumina bricks are the standard fired bricks commonly used. Modified high alumina bricks mainly refer to high-load soft high alumina bricks, slightly expanded high alumina bricks, low creep high alumina bricks, and phosphate-bonded high alumina bricks.
Due to the different needs of each country, the rules for refractory high alumina bricks are also different. PER Refractories can customize high alumina brick products to meet your requirements in terms of physical and chemical specifications.

Related Physical and Chemical Indexes of High Alumina Bricks

GradeFirst grade high alumina brickSecond grade high alumina brickThird grade high alumina brickSpecial high alumina brick
AL2O3 %≥75655582
Fe203 % <
Bulk density g/cm22.
Normal temperature compressive strength MPa >70605080
Load softening temperature ℃1510146014201550
Fire resistance ℃ >1790177017701790
Porosity % <22232421
Line change rate %-0.3-0.4-0.4-0.2

Types Of High Alumina Brick

First Grade High Alumina Brick

First-grade high alumina brick refractory temperature 1750℃. Use temperature: 1650℃. Form: solid. Shape: rectangular.
The product has good slag resistance mainly used for masonry blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, electric furnace roofs, blast furnace, reflector furnaces, and rotary kiln lining.
A neutral refractory material with alumina content above 75%.
It is made of bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content by molding and calcination.
Characterized by high thermal stability and refractories above 1770°C.

Second Grade High Alumina Brick

Second-grade high alumina bricks have a refractory temperature of 1770 (℃) and better slag resistance.
Second-grade high alumina brick is an aluminosilicate refractory material with an aluminum content of 60-75%.
Second-grade high alumina brick has a series of more refractory functions than clay products and is a kind of refractory material with good use and wide use.
Widely used in a variety of hot work kilns. Compared with clay products, it can effectively improve the service life of the furnace.

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Third Grade High Alumina Brick

Third-grade high alumina brick is a neutral refractory material with an alumina content of 55% or more. 0.3MPa load softening temperature is about 1450℃.
It is made of bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content by molding and calcination.
Characterized by high thermal stability, refractoriness above 1770°C, and good slag resistance.

Clay high alumina set bricks

Extra-Grade High Alumina Brick

Extra grade high alumina brick is made of special bauxite raw material, the AL2O3 content of special grade raw material is above 85% and the density is 2.8g/cm.
The refractories of ordinary bricks is 1780℃. The refractories of the special grade brick is 1820℃, the firing temperature is about 30℃ higher than that of the ordinary brick, and the service life of the special grade high alumina brick is twice that of the ordinary high alumina brick.
The high-temperature structural strength, thermal shock stability, and slag resistance of the special grade fire bricks are also 1-2 times higher than those of ordinary high alumina bricks.
The slag resistance of extra-grade brick is strong, and the fatigue resistance under high temperatures is particularly strong.


Aluminum-Chromium Bricks

AlCr brick is a high alumina brick with Al2O3 as the main component and a small amount of Cr2O3.
Aluminum-chromium brick than high alumina brick erosion resistance, aluminum-chromium slag brick, and high-temperature mechanical properties of good characteristics.
AlCr brick has many advantages such as high density, low porosity, high bond strength, high hardness, high load softness, good wear resistance, anti-scouring, good thermal shock resistance, strong resistance to metal melt and slag corrosion, long life, etc.
Which is widely used in various smelting equipment and other ultra-high temperature kilns.

Magnesium Aluminum Brick for Sale

Magnesium-Aluminum Brick

Compared with magnesium brick, magnesium aluminum brick has good resistance to rapid freezing and rapid heating and can withstand water cooling 2025 times, or even more times, which is the outstanding advantage of magnesium aluminum brick.
The refractoriness of magnesium-aluminum bricks is more than 2000℃, the performance of resistance to rapid cooling and heating is better than magnesium bricks, and it can resist the erosion of alkaline slag. It is used to build the roofs of alkaline flat furnaces and electric furnaces for steel making.

The Advantages Of High Alumina Bricks Produced By PER Company

1. The high alumina fire bricks we produce have good thermal conductivity.
2. Load softening temperature because high alumina brick has higher alumina content and fewer impurities. So like those easier to melt the glass body becomes less, so its load softening temperature is relatively high.
3. Refractories high alumina brick refractories than the commonly used clay, semi-silica bricks, and other refractory materials are higher, up to 1750 ~ 1790 ℃, is a high-performance refractory material.
4. High alumina refractory fire bricks have good thermal stability.
5. High alumina bricks have a large alumina content, with a certain resistance to acidic slag and alkaline slag erosion. At the same time, the slag resistance of high alumina products also has some influence on the stability of the products in the slag. Usually, after high-temperature firing, the high alumina brick with fewer pores has more excellent slag resistance.

High alumina fire bricks are mainly used for the masonry of blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, electric furnace roofs, blast furnaces, reflector furnaces, and rotary kiln linings. In addition, high alumina refractory bricks are also widely used as storage lattice bricks for flat furnaces, plug heads for pouring systems, water spout bricks, etc.

About PER Refractories Company

PER Refractories Manufacturer Company is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province, the hometown of refractory materials in China. Our company is a technology-based refractory enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and technical service. The rich resources and excellent quality in the territory provide unparalleled superior conditions for the production of refractory materials. Our main products are refractory clay bricks, high alumina refractory fire bricks, refractory silica bricks, magnesium refractory bricks, mullite bricks, insulation bricks, and other high-temperature resistant products.

PER considers the most important thing, we believe in taking every product seriously and receiving every customer sincerely. To provide fast and high-quality results for all our customers. PER Refractories will be your most trustworthy refractory manufacturer and reliable partner.

Company PER refractory is the production base of green, energy-saving, and environment-friendly new refractory materials. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and GB/T24001-2004 / ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, enterprise-quality inspection agency certification. Our products are sold well in more than 20 countries all over the world. They are the preferred refractory products for metallurgy, non-ferrous, petrochemical, glass, ceramics, and other refractory industries.

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