Mullite bricks

Mullite Refractory Bricks

Mullite bricks are a high alumina refractory material with mullite (3Al2O3-2SiO2) as the main crystalline phase. The general alumina content is between 65% and 75%.
Mineral composition in addition to mullite, which contains low alumina also contains a small amount of glass phase and square quartz.
The higher alumina content also contains a small amount of corundum.
It is mainly used in hot blast furnace roofs, blast furnace body and bottom, glass kiln heat storage chamber, ceramic sintering kiln, dead-end furnace lining of petroleum cracking system, etc.
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More Mullite Bricks Types

Corundum Mullite Bricks

Corundum mullite bricks are refractory products made of high purity or purer raw materials.
The presence of low melting point oxide impurities will reduce its high-temperature performance.
The main component of corundum mullite bricks is alumina.
The main raw material is high purity corundum and mullite, alumina refractory bricks composed of corundum and mullite main crystal phase.
It has good high-temperature strength, high temperature creeps resistance, thermal shock resistance, and erosion resistance.
Suitable for blast furnace ceramic cups, and blast furnace hot air outlet.

Lightweight Mullite Bricks

Light mullite brick is a high alumina refractory with mullite as the main crystalline phase.
The general alumina content is between 65% and 75%.
Light mullite bricks are light in quality and good in heat preservation and are high-quality high purity refractory powders.
Lightweight mullite bricks are made of imported slab corundum and high purity electrofused corundum as the main raw materials, applying advanced ultra-micro powder adding technology, after mixing, drying, molding, and firing in a high-temperature shuttle kiln.
Mullite lightweight bricks are widely used in residue oil gasification furnaces, ammonia second stage conversion furnaces, carbon black reaction furnaces, refractory kilns, and other equipment.

Low Creep Mullite Bricks

It is made by adding other beneficial auxiliary minerals to the production process of ordinary high alumina bricks to improve the creep resistance.
With the development of large volume, high wind temperature, and long life of ironmaking blast furnaces, the proportion of low creep high alumina bricks for hot blast furnaces is increasing.
Low creep mullite brick This series of products are made of synthetic mullite as the main raw material and formed by high pressure. High-temperature firing, with high strength.
Volume stability under high-temperature conditions creeps rate is small and other advantages.
It is suitable for the supporting hot blast furnace of large and medium-sized blast furnaces.

Zirconium Mullite Brick

Zirconium mullite bricks are made of Al2O3, a part of smooth zirconium dioxide and zirconium corundum cement clinker as raw materials, which are mixed with rubber, shaped, dried, and fired at high temperature in a shuttle kiln.
The zirconium brick crafts have a high-density molecular structure, high volume relative density, and large capacity.
It has high impact toughness at room temperature and high temperature, good thermal shock reliability, and small stress relaxation at high temperature and refired.
At the same time, it has the characteristics of high organic chemical reliability and anti-corrosion of partial alkali substances.
Zirconium-containing bricks are key used in large and medium-sized laminated glass kiln melt pools, picture tube kiln, heat storage room partition wall bricks and its chemical plants, metallurgical industry industrial kilns corroded by aqueous solution location.

Mullite Bricks Specification

The refractories of mullite brick are high up to 1790 ℃ or more. Load softening start temperature 1600 ~ 1700 ℃. Normal temperature compressive strength 70~260MPa. and good thermal shock resistance. There are two kinds of sintered mullite bricks and electrofused mullite bricks.

Item/IndexMullite BricksResintering Fused Mullite BricksMullite-Corundum BricksCorundum-Mullite Bricks
Apparent Porosity≤17%≤14%≤19%≤18%
Bulk Density≥2.55g/cm≥2.65g/cm≥2.70g/cm≥2.90g/cm
Cold Crushing Strength≥90MPa≥100MPa≥80MPa≥100MPa
Initial Refractoriness Under Load≥1630℃≥1700℃≥1650℃≥1700℃

Chemical Properties Of Mullite Refractory Bricks

1. Low thermal fusion, due to the low thermal conductivity, mullite series lightweight thermal insulation bricks accumulate little thermal energy and save energy significantly in intermittent operation.
2. Low thermal conductivity, with very good thermal insulation and heat preservation effect.
3. Low impurity content with very low content of iron box alkali metal and other oxides, therefore, high refractories; high aluminum content makes it maintain good performance under reducing atmosphere.
4. High compressive strength in the hot state.
5. Can be processed into special shapes to reduce the number of bricklaying blocks and joints.
6. Precise appearance and size, speed up the masonry, reduce the use of refractory clay, and ensure the strength and stability of the masonry, thus extending the life of the lining.
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