Insulating Firebrick

Insulating Firebrick

Insulating brick manufacturer

The raw materials for insulating lightweight refractory bricks can be classified as clay, silicon, aluminum, and mullite. Lightweight bricks are insulated because they contain many pores (both closed and open). Methods of causing porosity include the addition of combustibles, foams, and chemicals. Lightweight refractory bricks have low compressive strength, poor slag resistance, poor heat, and vibration resistance, and cannot come into direct contact with glass liquids or flames.
PER insulated refractory bricks are a high-quality insulation material for a wide range of kilns. The insulation bricks we produce have many excellent properties such as lightweight, good thermal shock resistance, high-temperature resistance, thermal energy saving, and low thermal conductivity.
PER has various kinds of insulation bricks for sale, such as mullite insulation bricks, clay insulation bricks, high alumina lightweight insulation bricks, silica insulation bricks, alumina bubble bricks, and other products.

PER Insulation Brick Types

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Silica Clay Light Insulation Brick

Silica clay light insulation brick is made of high-quality silica clay, wood layer, and high-temperature binder as the main raw material, which is mixed, squeezed and shaped, dried, and then prepared.

Because the product contains many microporous, it has the advantages of high compressive strength, low bulk density, small thermal conductivity, lightweight, safe and convenient construction, good heat preservation and energy saving effect, and good quality and price compared with clay, high alumina, bleaching beads and fiber off heat products.

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Light Weight Mullite Insulation Brick

Light weight mullite insulation brick light weight come stone insulation have average, thermal shock characterization good, load chemical high, high cross value small, degree large, resistance to chemical word note good and other characteristics.

Mullite light insulation brick is mainly divided into light and heavy according to the difference of density.

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Alumina Bubble Bricks

Alumina bubble bricks is a new type of high-temperature insulation material, the use of temperature 1800 ℃, the product version of high strength, for the service of light products several times, while the volume degree is only one-half of corundum products.

Generally used in petrochemical industry gasification furnaces, carbon black industry reaction furnaces, cure all industry induction furnaces, and other high-temperature furnaces.

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High-Alumina Poly-Light Brick

High alumina poly light brick is a new type of heat insulation of light high alumina brick series, mainly using high alumina and high purity withered earth, filled with polyphenylene froth ball, by burning out into the period.

It has the characteristics of high purity of raw materials, average pore structure, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, high strength, and high dimensional accuracy.

High-light brick is also called high alumina poly light ball brick, with high-pressure strength, and good thermal stability that can reduce the heat capacity of the furnace.

The Difference Between Insulation Brick and Refractory Brick

The main role of insulation bricks is used for heat preservation, to reduce heat loss, insulation bricks generally do not directly contact the flame, while refractory bricks generally directly contact the flame.

Insulation Brick and Refractory Brick's Main Differences are as Follows

1. Thermal Insulation Performance
Insulation brick thermal conductivity is generally in 0.2-0.4 (average temperature 350 ± 25 ℃) w / m.k, while the thermal conductivity of refractory bricks in 1.0 (average temperature 350 ± 25 ℃) w / m.k above, it can be concluded that the insulation performance of the insulation brick than the insulation performance of refractory bricks is much better.
2. Refractories
The refractories of insulation brick are mostly below 1400 degrees, while the refractories of a refractory brick are above 1400 degrees.
3. Density
Insulation bricks are mostly light insulation materials, density is mostly 0.8-1.0g/cm3, while the thickness of refractory bricks is basically 2.0g/cm3 or more.

The Advantages Of Insulation Bricks And Refractory Bricks

Comprehensive, the advantages of refractory bricks are high mechanical strength, long service life, good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with the material, and good high-temperature resistance, the highest heat-resistant temperature can reach 1900 ℃. It is especially suitable for use in high and low-temperature conversion furnaces, conversion furnaces, hydrogenation converters, desulfurization tanks, and methanation furnaces in fertilizer plants to disperse gas and liquid and to support, cover and protect catalysts. It can also be used in hot blast furnaces and heating and converting equipment in the steel industry.

The advantage of insulating brick is a new building energy-saving insulation technology with inorganic composite materials as the main raw material, which is an ideal technology to replace the traditional external wall insulation. Insulation brick in the masonry wall at the same time will be an excellent insulation effect on the wall.

Refractory brick and insulation brick are very different, their use of the environment, scope, and role are different. Different locations will use different materials, in the purchase of materials, it is recommended to determine the appropriate refractory materials according to the actual situation of the enterprise itself.

If you are interested in our insulation bricks or refractory bricks products, or if you are planning to build a furnace or kiln, you can contact us! We will reply to you promptly with professional advice and a competitive price!

About PER Refractories Company

PER Refractories Company is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province, the hometown of refractory materials in China. Our company is a technology-based refractory enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and technical service. The rich resources and excellent quality in the territory provide unparalleled superior conditions for the production of refractory materials. Our main products are refractory clay bricks, high alumina refractory bricks, refractory silica bricks, magnesium refractory bricks, mullite bricks, insulation bricks, and other high-temperature resistant products.

Company PER refractory is the production base of green, energy-saving, and environment-friendly new refractory materials. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and GB/T24001-2004 / ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, enterprise-quality inspection agency certification. Our products are sold well in more than 20 countries all over the world. They are the preferred refractory products for metallurgy, non-ferrous, petrochemical, glass, ceramics, and other refractory industries.

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