Silica Refractory Bricks

Silica Bricks

Silica bricks are a refractory material with silica as its main ingredient. Usually, the silicon dioxide content is not less than 93%. It can be fixed or refractory materials.
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Common Applications Of Silica Bricks

Silica fire bricks are mainly used for carbonization chambers of coke furnaces and walls of the combustion room, heat storage room of steelmaking flat furnaces and sediment room, average hot furnaces, glass melting kilns, and ceramic furnaces such as furnaces And other load-bearing parts. It is also used for high-temperature load-bearing parts and acid flat furnace tops of the hot air furnace.

Light Insulation Silica Brick

Light insulation silica bricks are mainly used for thermal insulation materials on acidic kilns such as melting furnaces and coke ovens in the glass industry.
Silica bricks for hot air furnaces have the characteristics of low hotline expansion, less residual quartz content, small density, and high load softening points.
And the appearance is regular and the size is accurate.
It is mainly used for high-temperature areas such as the blast furnace hot air furnace, the upper furnace body, and the upper grid.

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Silica Brick for Glass Kiln

The silica bricks of the glass melting kiln are mainly used for: the melting department and working department kiln top, chest walls and front and back walls, heat storage room tops, and upper partition walls of the heat storage room.
The SiO2 content of basic ingredients and performance of silica bricks is 96 ~ 98%.
It is an acid-refractory material. Its density is 2.35 to 2.38g/cm3.
It has a high-temperature structural strength, such as high softening temperature (1640 ~ 1700 °C) and low creep rate.
And after absorbing a few alkaline components, except for the slightly light erosion, it does not reduce the strength of the kiln top structure. The main disadvantage of silica bricks is low resistance to heat seismic.


Silica Brick for Hot Air Furnace

Silica bricks for hot air furnaces have the characteristics of low hotline expansion, less residual quartz content, small density, and high load softening points.
And the appearance is regular and the size is accurate.
It is mainly used for high-temperature areas such as the blast furnace hot air furnace, the upper furnace body, and the upper grid.

Special Refractory Brick

High -density high -conducting silica refractory brick
Increase the thermal guidance rate of silica bricks, shorten the focus time, and increase productivity to have a certain economic effect.
Therefore, manufacturing high-density and high-conductive silica bricks has attracted people’s attention.
The composition of the alumina silicate fire brick is crystal (Sepa Ying, Fang quartz, and quartz), glass phase, and stomach.
Among them, the glass phase and stomach are the main factors in reducing the thermal heating rate of silicon firebricks. It is the pores that affect the pores, followed by the glass phase.
At present, the way to increase the thermal guidance of silica refractory bricks is mainly obtained by increasing the content of squamous quartz and reducing the pores.

Physical and Chemical Index Of Silica Bricks

ItemSilica brick for coke ovenSilica brick for glass kiln
Furnace bedothersBG-96ABG-96BBG-95ABG-95B
SiO2% ≥9496969595
Fe2O3 %≥/0.811.21.2
0.2MPa RUL°C ≥16501680167016601650
one BRICK<20kg 0.5 0.7
one BRICK ≥20kg0.6
True density g/cm3 ≤ 2.342.352.34
PLC % 1450°C×2h0.20/
AP % ≤22(23)2422(24)
Thermal expansion 1000°C % ≤1.281.3/
CCS MPa ≥3025 
one brick<20kg35(30)
one brick≥20kg30(25)

Characteristics Of Silica Fire Bricks

Refractory brick production line
Hundreds of meters long tunnel kiln refractory brick production line.
Refractory castables production line
Fully automatic data word refractory castable production line.

PER refractories are an important choice for a wide range of high temperature resistant kilns.
The main variety is silica fire bricks. Boiled by silica as raw materials through 1350 ~ 1 430 ℃. The main phase of the silica bricks will be transformed into Setting quartz, square quartz, and glass. The real density must reach 2.31 ~ 2.42 grams per cubic centimeter.

Silica refractory bricks are acidic refractory materials and have a good ability to erode with acid resistance. The load softening temperature is as high as 1640 ~ 1670 ℃, and the volume of the long-term use at high temperature is relatively stable. It has the advantages of thermal conductivity and high softening point, strong anti-acid slag erosion capacity.

Silica fire bricks are mainly acidic refractory materials composed of Setting quartz, square quartz, and a small amount of residual quartz and glass.
Silicon dioxide content is more than 94%. Real density 2.35g/cm3. It has anti-acid slag erosion performance. High-temperature intensity. The softening temperature starts temperature of 1620 ~ 1670 °C. Used at high temperatures for a long time without deformation. Low thermal shock stability (water heat is exchanged for 1 to 4 times) with natural silica as raw materials, plus an appropriate amount of mineralizer to promote the transformation of the quartz in the blank body into a lizard. In the restored atmosphere, it was slowly burned through 1350 ~ 1430 °C. When heating to 1450 °C, there is about 1.5 ~ 2.2%of the overall accumulation of swelling. This residual expansion will make the seam tight and ensure that the masonry has good gas tightness and structural strength.

Features of Silica Bricks for Glass Kiln

PER Refractories has many years of manufacturing experience. The silica refractory bricks we produce have many advantages:
1. The high-temperature volume is stable and will not cause the furnace body to change due to temperature fluctuations: the glass melting kiln can keep the furnace body without deformation at 1600 °C, and the structure is stable.
2. Mild pollution of glass liquid: The main component of the high alumina silica brick is SIO2. If there is a block or a melting drip during use, it will not affect the quality of the glass liquid.
3. Chemical erosion: The silica refractory bricks of the upper structure are eroded by the gas volatilized R2O (alkaline metal) volatile in the material. A smooth layer of deterioration layer is generated on the surface, lowering the erosion speed and protecting the effect.
4. Its volume density is small: can reduce the weight of the furnace body. The raw material formed in an alumina-silica refractory brick is silicon. The higher the SIO2 content of silicon raw materials, the higher the fire resistance. Very harmful impurities are Al2O3, K2O, NA2O, etc., which seriously reduce the refractory resistance of refractory products.

About PER Refractories Company

PER Refractories Company is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province, the hometown of refractory materials in China. Our company is a technology-based refractory enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and technical service. The rich resources and excellent quality in the territory provide unparalleled superior conditions for the production of refractory materials. Our main products are refractory clay bricks, high alumina refractory bricks, refractory silica bricks, magnesium refractory bricks, mullite bricks, insulation bricks, and other high-temperature resistant products.

Company PER refractory is the production base of green, energy-saving, and environment-friendly new refractory materials. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and GB/T24001-2004 / ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, enterprise-quality inspection agency certification. Our products are sold well in more than 20 countries all over the world. They are the preferred refractory products for metallurgy, non-ferrous, petrochemical, glass, ceramics, and other refractory industries.

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