Refractories Bricks For E/C Glass Ball Kiln

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1. Refractory Bricks for E Glass Ball Kiln

1.1 Pool wall structure is closely related to the choice of refractory materials. Its ideal pool wall material is dense chrome brick (i.e. high chrome brick), followed by dense zirconium brick (i.e. high zirconium brick).

Dense chrome bricks can be arranged in multiple layers, that is, the exterior can have proper insulation and a life expectancy of more than 6 years. The lower part of the dense zirconium brick can be adequately insulated and can have a life span of more than 2 years.

However, these two types of refractory bricks are quite expensive and cannot be afforded by glass ball kilns. Domestic E glass ball kiln pool wall mainly uses quartz bricks, the lower part of the white foam or kaolin cast bricks.

Quartz brick will be quickly eroded by glass above 1400 ℃, so it can be used on the alkali-free ball kiln mainly by cooling.

To extend the life of the pool wall, someone set up two rows of cooling air on the upper and lower quartz brick of his wall. After this treatment, quartz brick he wall life of up to 1 year left stone.  

1.2 Pool bottom structure to live without insulation measures. It has been proved that when the iron content is within the specified range, the use of certain insulation structures, the bottom of the pool is still safe, and improves the temperature of the bottom of the pool, saving fuel and further improving the quality of glass ball melting.  

1.3 The large swan part of the flame space is supported separately and independently. Between the hooked brick and the wall of the pool are generally left with expansion joints when building the kiln. The joints are filled with alumina silicate fiber or with zircon sealant at the end of the kiln baking.

The hook brick can be made of silicon brick, and the high-temperature area is made of electrofused AZS33# brick. Chest wall brick, noisy ballast brick, and ballast brick are made of silicon brick.

Feeding the mouth above the bridge brick using electrofusion AZS33# is good. Small furnace leg and small furnace exit swan, burner brick using AZS33#, where the temperature is relatively high.

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AZS brick and silicon brick should be separated by 3-5mm zircon sealing material to prevent a high-temperature melt reaction. The insulation material outside the silicon brick can be light silicon brick or light high alumina brick. The insulation on the large swan should be carried out after the baking kiln over a large fire.  

1.4 Small furnace parts except for the mouth of the furnace are silica bricks. The heat storage room part is two sections. The lower section uses clay bricks, the transition section uses high alumina bricks, and the upper section including the heat storage chamber swan uses silicon bricks. The lower part of the lattice brick with high-density clay bricks, the middle with high alumina bricks, and the upper part can be sintered AZS bricks.  

2. Refractory for C Glass Ball Kiln   

Generally, it is fully insulated, i.e., the bottom of the pool, the wall of the pool, the chest wall, and the large first and small furnace heat storage chamber are insulated, and satisfactory results have been achieved. The structure of the kiln and the use of refractory materials, in addition to the pool wall, pool bottom, and lattice bricks, there is no difference from the E glass ball kiln.

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