Role of Kiln Skin in Rotary Kiln

Kiln Skin in Rotary Kiln

Kiln Skin Is Made Of Clinker Or Dust From The Liquid Or Semi-Liquid Phase Into a Solid.

Its Main Functions Are

1. Protect the refractory bricks from direct high temperature and chemical erosion.
2. Store heat energy, reduce the heat loss from the kiln shell to the surrounding area, and improve the thermal efficiency of the rotary kiln.
3. Act as a heat transfer medium, absorbing heat by radiation or convection when the kiln shell is exposed to air and in contact with hot air, and transferring heat to the raw material by conduction when the kiln shell is in contact with the material in the lower part.
4. The surface of the kiln skin is rough, it can reduce the flow rate of powder and prolong the reaction time of material in the kiln.

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