What Is Lightweight Brick? What Are The Advantages And Properties Of Lightweight Bricks?

Currently, people are exposed to more and more construction materials, more and more abundant, such as lightweight bricks, which is different from the past red brick products, and what is a lightweight brick? If you want to buy lightweight bricks for interior decoration, you should also be able to know what are the advantages and performance of lightweight bricks to protect yourself from using the right decoration materials.

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What is a Lightweight Brick?

Lightweight brick generally refers to foam brick, lightweight fire brick with silica composite as a substrate, plus special additives and a few rare earth oxides mixed, by high-pressure molding, and high-temperature firing. Ordinary light-weight thermal insulation refractory brick production materials are clay, high alumina high strength drift bead brick, low iron mullite, high aluminum poly light thermal insulation refractory brick, and diatomaceous earth thermal insulation refractory brick.

What Are The Advantages And Properties Of Lightweight Bricks?

Advantages of Lightweight Bricks

The first is its practicality. Because the heat insulation, and thermal insulation effect of lightweight brick is relatively good, so, now many buildings choose lightweight brick to replace the traditional solid brick, the use of this brick, under normal circumstances. In the summer, the indoor temperature is on average two or three degrees lower than the room using solid brick, the opposite in winter, so the lightweight brick can – to a certain extent to ensure that the winter is warm and the summer is cool. The use of a very wide range.
The second is its economy. Because of the structure of the lightweight brick and the improvement of the material. It can reduce part of the foundation cost, and save reinforced concrete, comprehensive cost of the same area of solid brick will be about five percentage points, from the economic point of view is also very considerable.

Then its construction is simple. Because the lightweight brick can be processed very well, the construction is more convenient and simple, and the block is large and light. In manual labor, intensity can also reduce a lot, to improve the construction efficiency, which can be effective in shortening the construction period.

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Lightweight Brick Performance

1. Lightweight brick “light”. As the name implies, lightweight brick is compared with traditional solid brick, its weight is light. The use of this brick in the building, not only can significantly reduce the weight of the building itself, but also reduce the overall cost of the project, its appearance is an innovation in the construction industry.
2. Lightweight brick “warm”. Lightweight brick in the production process, the internal formation of tiny pores, these pores in the material form an air layer, greatly improving the thermal insulation effect. The thermal insulation effect is 5 times of clay bricks and 10 times of ordinary concrete.
3. The lightweight brick “static”. The lightweight brick itself aerated concrete porous structure makes it good sound absorption, and sound insulation properties, which can create a highly airtight indoor space. Bring a very comfortable, quiet living environment.
4. The “stability” of lightweight brick. Lightweight brick because of the use of high-quality river sand and pulverized coal as a silica material, shrinkage value is a small excellent material to ensure that your wall will not crack, and stability is very strong.
5. Lightweight brick seismic performance. Compared with the traditional solid brick, the building made of hollow brick seismic level is much higher.
6. Environmental protection of lightweight brick. Lightweight fire bricks in the production, transportation, and use process, are pollution-free, and safe and environmental protection, energy saving, and consumption reduction. In addition, lightweight brick has good impermeability, durability, and processability.

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