Professional Refractory Bricks Suppliers Teach You How To Identify First-Grade High Alumina Bricks


How To Identify First-Grade High Alumina Bricks

As a hot product in the refractory industry, first-grade high alumina brick has superior quality and outstanding refractory temperature. And long service life in domestic steelmaking, copper, power, and other industrial furnaces are widely used.

However, when purchasing first-class high alumina bricks, purchasers often pay the price of first-class but buy second-class products. Not only the loss of property but more importantly, affect the service life of the construction furnace.

Here, as a first-class high alumina brick manufacturer with many years of experience in production, to popularize how to identify the first-class high alumina brick. To facilitate the use of future purchases can have the ability to accurately identify.

Firstly, a level of high alumina brick to see the color, the appearance of light yellow and white, then the surface is relatively smooth, each side is equal, and no broken corners, no cracks.

The key determination is in the weight of the single brick, according to the standard, the single weight of the first-class high alumina brick should reach 4.5 kg. If the weight does not meet the requirements, or the appearance is bad, are unqualified products.

PER refractory company specializes in the production of high-quality high alumina bricks and welcomes customers to consult.

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