Where To Get Steam Boiler Refractory Bricks?

Steam boiler refractory bricks we recommend high alumina refractory bricks, high alumina refractory bricks are one of the common refractory materials for kilns, often mixed with high alumina refractory castable, with high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and other characteristics.

Where To Get Steam Boiler Refractory Bricks?

The high alumina bricks produced by our company are scientifically controlled by advanced equipment, and the quality is excellent.  

The high alumina brick produced and sold by our company is a kind of aluminous silicate refractory material with an alumina content above 48%. It is made of bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content by molding and calcination.

High thermal stability, refractories above 1770℃.

Good resistance to slag. Usually, the green aluminum content is divided into three grades, the higher the aluminum content of high alumina bricks the higher the performance. 

Mainly used for masonry blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, electric furnace roofs, blast furnaces, reflection furnaces, and rotary kiln lining. In addition, high alumina bricks are also widely used as lattice bricks for storage of heat in flat furnaces, plug heads for pouring systems, water spout bricks, and so on.

However, the price of high alumina brick is higher than clay brick, so it is not necessary to use high alumina brick where clay brick can meet the requirements.

High alumina brick and more clinker clay brick production process are similar, the difference is that the proportion of clinker in the ingredients is high, can be as high as 90 ~ 95%, clinker in the crushing before the need for classification picking and sieving iron removal, firing temperature is higher. Such as Ⅰ, Ⅱ and other high alumina bricks with tunnel kiln firing is generally 1500 ~ 1600 ℃.

Grade 1 High alumina bricks

How To Choose Steam Boiler Refractory Brick Material?

According to the different resource conditions and product requirements, the following types of raw materials can be used: high alumina bauxite with aqueous alumina minerals (alumina monohydrate, alumina trihydrate, etc.) as the main composition. Silica line group minerals (including sapphire, rhodochrosite, silica line, etc.); synthetic raw materials, such as industrial alumina, synthetic mullite, electrofused corundum, etc.

China’s high alumina vanadium clay resources are abundant, excellent texture, the origin is mainly distributed in Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Guizhou, Shandong, and other places. The high alumina vanadium clay produced is mainly a mixture of two minerals, alumina monohydrate, and kaolinite.  

When purchasing high alumina brick, first of all, the color, high-quality high alumina brick body surface is smooth, yellow color white, equal on all sides, no broken corner, no cracks.

The second point is to weigh the weight of a single brick. According to the weight standard, a single weight of high alumina brick is 4.5 kg, two high alumina bricks for 4.2 kg, and three high alumina bricks for 3.9 kg.

At the same level, the same model of high alumina brick, if the weight of a single brick reaches this standard, but for high alumina brick, and vice versa can not reach such weight, it means good quality. If you find that there are cracks, large pieces of broken corners, and four sides are not equal, it is a substandard product.  

If you need steam boiler refractory bricks or have questions about where to get steam boiler refractory bricks, welcome to call PER Refractories Co.

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